School Programmes

Britton Outdoors offer bespoke programs developed to suit each individual school.

Britton Outdoors is pleased to offer Hiking and Mountain Navigation programs tailored specifically for secondary schools.

Our hikes primarily take place in the stunning Galty Mountains. However, depending on the location of your school and the duration of the hike, we can arrange hikes on other hills and mountains within the Munster region.

The Mountain Navigation program focuses on equipping students with essential map reading and navigation skills. We aim to empower them to explore local trails confidently and independently with their families in their leisure time.

We understand that each school has unique requirements, and our programs can be adapted accordingly. If you're interested in learning more about these programs and wish to obtain further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

To gain a better understanding of the experiences we offer, you can download our sample programs. These valuable resources provide a comprehensive overview of the exciting opportunities and learning outcomes that await your students.

The Outdoor adventure Module with Mark is a staple module for us every year. We have found it creates an environment for students to mix and get to know other students they didn’t previously interact with that often. It gives students the opportunity to enhance their physical, mental and social wellbeing. We’ve found that so many of our students have taken to the outdoors in their free time to show their friends the new skills they’ve learned as well as what’s available right at their doorstep.

Jason TY Year Head Scoil Pol

They make the experience so easy and enjoyable. For the past 3 years Britton Outdoors has run a guided Hill/Mountain navigation programme every week for our Transition Year Students. Each week the students were met at a different location where they were given the foundation and basics for Hill/Mountain Navigation. As the weeks passed students gained confidence using these skills. Having 4 groups of TY’s they rotated the hiking module every 6 to 8 weeks which worked really for us. Mark is so easy to work with and also very professional, as a Co-ordinator I had no planning to do! I couldn’t recommend Britton outdoors enough to be part of your TY programme.

SusanProgramme Co-ordintator Scoil Pol

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